The Wattle Road

Hi, I’m Dave. Maker at The Wattle Road.
I specialise in designing and making custom furniture out of reclaimed Australian hardwood. I source reclaimed timber from houses and old buildings across NSW and make a selection of limited run and bespoke furniture to complement ones lifestyle.
As a furniture maker I will make bespoke timber furniture that brings people together. I will repurpose materials that others may perceive as waste to make beautiful, character filled items that can go the test of time.
Australia has some of the most incredible hardwoods with such beautiful character that improves significantly with age. Add to this the unique stories of their past life and you can begin to understand why I find these timbers so extraordinary.
The timber is often more challenging to work with than new timber (ie: extracting old rusty nails from them, working around bolt holes, etc) and more time can be needed to craft them than new timber, but each piece of finished furniture is not only very rewarding to complete but extends the lifetime of that piece of timber.
When I work with customers on a custom furniture project they can expect strong communication, collaboration, and ideation to identify problems and inform solutions. They’ll be involved as much or as little as they choose because I’m happy when they’re happy.