Twenty Third Street Distillery

Twenty Third Street Distillery is named for its location on the corner of Twenty Third Street & Renmark Avenue in Renmark, South Australia.
Twenty Third Street is about creating great spirits and celebrating all creativity. We’re passionate about crafted spirits, distilled to the utmost quality from Australian ingredients, with something intriguing and new always around the corner. We’re a spirit for everyone.
Our site was first built in 1914 and has a rich history in the region. Over the years it was home to a range of labels from Chateau Tanunda, Renmano Wines, Berri Estate and Hardy’s Wine. After tough times, the site closed in 2004 until opening on the 23rd of September 2016 as Twenty Third Street Distillery.
Our Visitor Centre takes advantage of the buildings grand scale with high ceilings, vast timber beams and stylish furniture, with lush lawns for outside enjoyment.
Our Distillery is home to three South Australian built copper-stills of the same vintage as our building. Each still has approximately a 7,500-litre capacity. Years of hard work, running repairs and relocations have given them a pre-loved patina. These fine old girls are the living pulse of our distillery, they add a little well-experienced, knowing sass to every drop.