Voluptuary Ceramics

Voluptuary Ceramics comes from the small, slowmade studio of Australian artist and ceramicist Emma Bartik.
Crafted by hand and designed with care, Emma’s playful yet sophisticated pieces blur the line between sculptural and functional objects.
Creating from her Botany Studio on Bidjigal land, Emma’s work consists of dreamy pastel tableware, shapely vessels, and anthropomorphic sculptures.
Emma playfully uses belly buttons and undulating forms, abstractly referencing the human body through a contemporary lens. Themes of connection and the universal experience of a soft body are woven throughout her work, inviting reflection upon our own relationships to femininity and the human body.
Emma’s studio practice focuses on sculpting, mould making and casting. She uses a distinctive colour palette of pastel and sorbet tones, blending porcelain and ceramic pigments to create her own custom hues of Australian porcelain.