Australian Mining and Resources

Australia’s mining sector is a colossal pillar of its economy, underpinning its reputation as the “lucky country” with its vast and diverse mineral wealth. The nation is endowed with significant deposits of iron ore, coal, gold, and a plethora of other valuable minerals and metals, making it a global mining powerhouse. This geological fortune has not only fuelled domestic growth but also positioned Australia as a leading exporter on the world stage.
The country’s mining industry is renowned for its world-class practices, from exploration and extraction to environmental management and rehabilitation. Australian mining companies are at the forefront of innovation, employing cutting-edge technology and automation to enhance efficiency and safety in operations. This commitment to excellence ensures the sector’s competitiveness and sustainability, even as it faces the challenges of fluctuating commodity prices and evolving global demands.
Australia’s mineral resources have catalysed the development of remote regions, creating jobs and supporting communities. The industry’s contribution extends beyond economic output, with significant investments in infrastructure, education, and health services in mining areas.
The “lucky country” moniker, though, is not just a nod to Australia’s mineral riches; it also reflects the nation’s ability to leverage these resources responsibly and innovatively, ensuring that the wealth generated from beneath the ground fosters prosperity above it for generations to come.

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    Oberon Quarries

    Oberon Quarries was founded in 1994 by Ray Hargraves. Today we have a team of over 30 staff members and 12 trucks out on the road delivering our rock to customers. We have supplied blue metal products for some of Australia’s largest projects including Mt Panorama, Mascot Airport, Sydney Harbour Bridge and RTA roadworks… and…

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