Whistling Kite Vineyard

Nestled on the banks of the mighty River Murray, Pam & Tony have nurtured Whistling Kite Vineyard for almost fifty years. Becoming Certified Organic in 1997 & Certified Organic/Biodynamic in 2007, they have long believed that it is their duty as custodians of the land to have minimal impact on the land, and to strive to improve its condition wherever possible. Whistling Kite Vineyard is a brilliant example of how careful variety selection and sustainable farming practices can produce a property in true harmony. It is filled with local bird life, including a resident flock of Regent Parrots and numerous pairs of Whistling Kites, beneficial insects and other local wildlife, all living in harmony.

Whistling Kite Biodynamic Wines is the culmination of more than two decades of organic and sustainable farming practices. From our “traditional” varieties such as Chardonnay (some of the oldest plantings in the region) & Shiraz, to varieties that are only now emerging into the Australian wine scene (Petit Manseng, Montepulciano & Mencia). All of our wines are wild yeast ferments, leading to a unique flavour and giving the fruit a chance to express its own unique flavour and drinking experience, expressing the variety’s characteristics and reflecting the unique terroir of the vineyard. Pay us a visit and try for yourself!