Wonki and J Ceramics

Wonki and J ceramics is based in Melbourne north, Australia, creates functional ceramic pieces designed to be natural, simple and practical for your home to everyday life using locally supplied material that are chosen thoughtfully.
Majority of our works are made of very rough and dark stoneware clay decorated with white slip so the colour and texture from the clay body come through and create magical contrast when fired. This method is called Buncheong in Korean means “having a makeup on a dark clay body” (highly iron oxide clay).
Korean buncheong ware was produced in 15C for relatively short period time (approximately 200years in a transition to white porcelain from celadon) but the love is still on going to the present for its simple character of humble beauty.
We give this tradition a contemporary twist in various forms with a touch of pigment from wild clay dug in Victoria. We are forever inspired by beautiful Australian nature and our Korean heritage.
There’s something special feeling about using handmade ceramics, we hope our pieces can brighten up your space and bringing you a little smile.