Wood Melbourne

Wood Melbourne was founded by carpenter, builder, tinkerer and inventor Oliver MacLatchy.
Oliver Maclatchy loves people but he loves timber more. He loves the way timber looks and feels, its versatility, how it ages with you and tells a story. In Oliver’s world, timber belongs in every room of the home.
Oliver likes to be alone with his timber sometimes to conduct late night experiments and to tinker with reclaimed and recycled timber. During one of these sessions in his workshop in 2013, Oliver invented timber spouts, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Wood Melbourne, much like the material, has grown naturally since that famous night. Wood timber spouts provide a warm, sustainable and natural alternative to traditional spouts. Each individual Wood timber spout is designed and made by hand in Oliver’s workshop in Melbourne.
Wood Melbourne launched their second line of products in 2014 – in concrete – designed and made in Melbourne.

In 2015 a new range of taps was launched with brass encased timber, concrete and marble, the likes of which had never been seen – the Leo, Olympia and Mabel taps speak for themselves.

In 2019 a new feature Collection was launched. This range was a step up in elegance and refined style. Continuing with the use of raw materials, Oliver took brass, marble, concrete and timber to new heights.
Featuring in the 2019 Collection, the Cape Barren hob outlet – designed in conjunction with Archier Architects – paired with the new Elle range of wall and hob mixers, and became an instant classic.
The Mila and Lily disc taps in marble and timber took minimalist tapware to another level.

Oliver continues to design new ranges and still hand makes every set of Wood Melbourne taps so you know it will be of the highest quality.