Yarra Yering

Yarra Yering is one of the oldest and most beautiful vineyards in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Established in 1969 by Dr Bailey Carrodus, the 1973 vintage saw production of the first vintage of Dry Red Wine No. 1 and Dry Red Wine No. 2. Yarra Yering quickly gained an international reputation for quality and individuality and paved the way for other Yarra Valley wineries.
Nestled between Coldstream Hills and Yarra Yering with the first vines planted in 1970 upslope and across the fence line of the No. 1 Cabernet block, this excellent site and established vineyard was purchased in 2011. Planted to Yarra Valley classic varietals and also dry grown, we aim to overdeliver on quality and accessibility.

With the luxury of time, quality is prioritised above all else whilst delivering innovation and creativity. All fruit at Yarra Yering is hand-picked, sorted, then either de-stemmed or crushed into the traditional Yarra Yering “tea chest” 0.5 tonne open fermenters. Depending on the variety, stalks may be added back during the fermentation stage in baskets for easy removal when there is just enough stalk tannin present.
Hand harvesting allows the ultimate flexibility for a range of processing techniques on the desired wine style. Meticulous assessment of grapes in the vineyard as well as the winery ensures only the most desirable berries are selected for vinification.
Unique tea chest fermenters, designed by Dr Carrodus, enable quality small batch winemaking and gentle extraction produce our signature ultra fine-tannin structure. Maturation in our cool underground cellar.