Young Bees

Young Bees is a family owned business producing 100% natural Australian honey. Located in Hilltops area of NSW we supply honey direct to your door with our online store!
Young Bees are proud to share their ever-changing (sometimes light, sometimes dark) local honey direct from the beekeeper to you.
Our premium honey is sourced from Australian Eucalypts and local wildflower blossoms with differing honey varieties providing unique flavour sensations. These variations depend on the nectar producing florals where bees are foraging.
With careful extraction processes we produce 100% raw natural delicious honey which is supplied to you from our beehives.
Our honey is left in the hives until the bees have fully capped the honey cells with wax which produces a thick decadent honey with a very low moisture content. This process produces a delicious thick full flavoured honey which hangs heavily on the knife for easy application.
Order direct from the beekeeper to ensure fresh natural unprocessed honey, delivered direct to you.