Bream Creek Vineyard

While the modern Tasmanian wine industry is young in terms of years established, Bream Creek Vineyard an be considered as one of the industry’s pioneering wineries. Our vineyard at Bream Creek was planted in the early 1970s, making it amongst the earliest commercial vineyards planted in Tasmania. The Bream Creek Vineyard wine label was established by leading Tasmanian vigneron Fred Peacock back in 1990, at a time when there were less than 10 commercial wineries in the entire state. For over 30 years Bream Creek wines have been consistent award winners, helping to showcase the very best of Tasmanian wines to Australia (and the rest of the world).

Marion Bay is steeped in history. Bream Creek Vineyard overlooks the place where Abel Tasman first landed in 1642 to collect water and to plant the Dutch flag. Later in 1772, French Navigator Marion du Fresne anchored his ships Mascarin and Castries in what is now known as Marion Bay.
Today, the Bream Creek district is a rural area with a small but thriving coastal community, well known for its artisans such painters, sculptors, fine furniture makers, jewellers and potters as well as a growing number of boutique wineries, cideries and distilleries. Bream Creek Vineyard forms an integral part of this passionate rural mosaic.