Advanced Power Drives APD

Advanced Power Drives is a power electronics engineering company specialising in motor control systems.
Our work within the power electronics field has produced a lineup of motor control solutions that span a variety of power levels, accessible from the average consumer to commercial and aerospace sectors.

We maintain a strong research and development capability, reducing the barrier to entry for sophisticated electric powertrains utilising the latest advancements in power electronics technology.
We pride ourselves on fast and comprehensive support for our solutions, with multiple direct channels of communication to our core engineering team.
We also offer NDAA/DFARS-compliant options upon request.

APD is based in Sydney, Australia, with a multi-disciplinary team that share a passion for performance, quality and reliability. Alongside our engineering team, the manufacturing of our off-the-shelf units and bespoke hardware is on-site. We have a complete SMT production line, allowing end to end control throughout the different stages of production; proudly Australian designed and created.
Outside of our core business of motor controllers, we also design solutions for battery management systems, DC-DC converters and solar power point trackers.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do at APD. Our team is deeply passionate about creating great products that bring an electric mobility future closer for all. Our motor control systems are enabling a diverse range of electric vehicles across the spectrum of air, land and sea.

APD’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop with our products. Our corporate fleet is now over 30% electric vehicles, and we are in the process of transitioning our engineering and manufacturing operations to use 100% renewable energy by the end of 2022.