Started in Perth 2013, aesyk exists to create contemporary fine furniture. Each piece created by aesyk is carefully refined to exactly suit the needs of their clients, with practicality and form equally considered. By using robust, traditional joinery techniques, aesyk exploits the strength of established skills to create contemporary timber designs. By being responsible for both design and construction of each piece, owner Aedan Sykes amalgamates two vital roles for a comprehensive understanding from initial contact to final delivery.

After previously working as a structural design engineer, I took my vigor for contemporary, minimalist forms, and channeled this into a new career. The combination of these interests motivated me to complete a certificate III in micro-business and attend an intensive course at the New Zealand Centre for Fine Woodworking. There I learnt and applied new skills such as coopering, dovetailing and steam-bending techniques for tools , carcass pieces, and seated furniture.

My designs take inspiration from ergonomic, minimalist forms. This has informed a progressive furniture style which draws on Japanese and Danish furniture details. As such, I enjoy exposing joinery in my pieces, allowing for each client to be informed of how, and why particular joinery was employed, and affording the joinery to be celebrated.

To purchase an aesyk piece, is to purchase an experience. A piece of custom furniture which has been built to be used, to be admired, and to be passed on.