Art Mob

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey to discovering Indigenous art, you will find what you’re looking for in one of the world’s most focussed Aboriginal art galleries.

‘What is Aboriginal art?’
Like most people, you may think this is a simple question. But the truth is, Aboriginal art is as varied and complex as it is exciting and bewildering.
Our passion and knowledge for all things Aboriginal art-related means that you will discover the answers you are looking for in your search for your next piece of art, as well as the wonderful culture surrounding it.
Wherever you may be in the world, it is our pleasure to ensure you get the artwork you love home quickly and safely. Not only that, but we guarantee you the education to fully appreciate it.

Our wide range of artwork exemplifies the extraordinary diversity within the term ‘Aboriginal art’
For over 18 years we have maintained strong working relationships and friendships with artists, art centres, institutions and clients from Australia and overseas. We take pride in being able to share some of the finest art in the country with you.
With over 250 different language groups making up Aboriginal Australia, there is not one style of art, nor one artist, that can wholly depict the entirety of the world’s oldest living culture.
Because of this, our works come from many places around Australia, giving you a comprehensive overview of Aboriginal art in its many forms. Areas our art comes from include but are not limited to:

  • Tasmania
  • Far North Queensland
  • Central and Western Deserts
  • Tiwi Islands
  • Torres Strait Islands
  • Mornington Island
  • The Kimberley

We are privileged to have made connections all over the country with leading art centres and artists. You will see a new exhibition current and upcoming at any given time at Art Mob. These might be the debut solo exhibition of a young up and coming artist, or a collection of new works from regional art centres excited to share differing styles. Like Aboriginal art, our walls are everchanging, meaning there is always something new for you to discover.