Ashbern Farms

Ashbern Farms are owned and run by two Sunshine Coast families with two locations in Queensland, Australia. Our yummy fresh strawberries are now available between the two Queensland farms, all year round. At our Stanthorpe farm we aim to give locals and tourists the opportunity to observe a working commercial strawberry farm and pick their own delicious fresh strawberries straight from the patch. At our Sunshine Coast farm in the Glass House Mountains we grow organic and conventional strawberries. Our Stanthorpe farm has free admission, making Ashbern Farms an affordable day out for the family.

Ashbern Farms has been growing organic strawberries since 2008 on the Sunshine Coast. By growing organics we are challenging ourselves to farm cleaner with more sustainable practices and to use more biological control measures for pests and disease. Integrated Pest Management has been introduced with the use of predatory mites to control two spotted mite. Beneficial soil microbes are added to the soil to enhance plant health. Ashbern Farms specifically select plant varieties that are hardy and sweet.

There is no Pick Your Own available for organics, or conventional strawberries on our Sunshine Coast farms.
Our organic strawberries season begins at the end of May and continues through to October. Keep an eye out in your local organic stockist as our organic strawberries are sold in Victoria, New South Wales and other areas in Queensland, as well as in local Sunshine Coast stores.