Back Paddock Company

Back Paddock is a diversified services company providing technology solutions for digital agriculture integrating the fundamental aspects of Soil, Water, Plant, and Animal.
The Back Paddock Company has traded continuously since 1996. It has a proud legacy of serving the Australian agricultural industry in the field of farm production planning and agronomic decision-support systems.
The company began a transformation in 2021, to redefine its product and service offerings, to better suit the rapidly changing landscape of the Australian agricultural industry. That transformation continues as we move from a developer and vendor of standalone Windows-based software applications, services training, to a developer and vendor of enterprise-class multi-user systems, services and training.
The vision and scope of Back Paddock Company is a next-generation Decision Support System designed to integrate the perpetual Farm Production Cycle within a structured business development framework for both agribusiness supplying products and services to the Australian agricultural industry and the professional farm businesses. The system has wide applications across the agricultural industry and offers enormous potential for integrating information for financial and technical analysis.