Backa Australia

Our story is an Australian story – we’re proud of where we come from, and we’re proud of where we’re going, together, with respect for the resources of this country.
Our recipes originate from Europe and reflect the cultural heritage of founder Richard Krstin. Richard and his family immigrated to Australia in the 70s, first landing in Melbourne. Smallgoods is in the family’s DNA – Richard’s father worked for a large smallgoods manufacturer before opening his own butcher shop. The family eventually moved to the Gold Coast, and after a time in Papua New Guinea and Europe, Richard came back home to Queensland and decided to get into the family business by opening a smallgoods shop of his own in 2006.

Richard started by using the natural curing processes he learned from his father, starting with two traditional recipes and experimenting with the best local beef and pork Australia has to offer.
Backa Australia uses use salt, starter culture and time to preserve our products, and you can learn more about our sustainability approach here. Backa believes in quality, and it’s that quality, patience and attention to detail which continues to bring customers to us.
When Backa Australia started selling to the public, one of the primary focuses was farmer’s markets, because people shop there to get to know the local primary producer. Our products are currently made from over 97% Australian ingredients and we are working hard to make it 100%. It matches our philosophy – we let people try samples and we explain to them how it’s made. We believe there is no better way than to educate everyone who is interested, and our sales numbers prove it – people who try our product before they buy actually buy 30% more than other customers.

The demand for our products is still growing. Other food retailers and restaurants have started taking interest in our products, not only on Gold Coast but throughout Queensland and New South Wales. In a short time-frame we expanded from a few regional farmers markets to now, where our products can be found in over 200 locations. Having successfully received our export license in early 2020, our next ambition is to bring our Australian made products to the world.
We hope that you will enjoy our products and the love, care and attention to detail that goes into every one of them.