Bee One Third

FROM PRISTINE COASTAL MANUKA FLOWERS TO Brisbane’s diverse urban landscapes, AND FROM THE HEART OF Sydney’s Northern Beaches TO THE bloodwoods of Port Macquarie, BEE ONE THIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD HONEY CONNECTS YOU WITH YOUR neighbourhood honey.

Our mission is to reconnect communities with the reality of what pollinators do for our food system, our health and our overall well-being. Pollinating change, flower by flower.
With 150 beehives under our stewardship across the East coast of Australia, Bee One Third – Neighbourhood Honey, strives to promote the well-being of all pollinators. Using age old beekeeping techniques, our honey is derived from some of Australia’s most unique locations.
As beekeepers, our day-to-day roles include a variety of maintenance tasks inside the hives including disease control and prevention techniques, weekly honey extractions, and wild colony rescue. Our main focus is to work with local beekeepers, and the surrounding community, to increase the local bee population and create greater social awareness about the importance of our insect pollinator friends.