Bees Alive

We started keeping bees before it was cool!
When we bought out first hive, hobby beekeeping wasn’t common. Commercial beekeepers just couldn’t understand why anyone would want just one hive in their back yard and were reluctant to share any trade secrets.
Gavin had always wanted to keep bees and do his part supporting nature, and Sofia, with her background in veterinary science, had a natural fascination, and the transition from four legs to six was always inevitable.

Keeping bees is a journey we just want to share. It puts you in touch with nature and changes your life. A simple walk through the park turns into a flora-spotting exercise. Being able to connect the local flowers in bloom with the colours of pollen your bees are collecting, and relating the incredible honey aroma exuding from your hive is something special.
Today we have about 150 hives at various sites around Brisbane. Sofia maintains two breeder lines and is renowned for the docility of her bees. Sharing our passion and knowledge and helping new beekeepers get off to the best possible start is our mission.

We’ve learnt from some top beekeepers who have shared knowledge only gained form a lifetime beekeeping. While no one will never know it all when it comes to nature, we are certainly at the top of our game.
Bee love is not just a word. It’s our way of thinking. Our way of showing the world how much we truly care for and respect nature. It creates the values and principles that stand behind everything we do.
We vow to:
– Mimic nature as closely as possible
– Ensure a stress-free environment for our bees
– Never use chemicals near our bees
– Freely exchange knowledge to help others
Gentle, friendly, happy and productive bees aren’t produced by accident. They’re the result of our commitment to Bee Love.