Bombinate Bee Company

Brendan Missenden is an Entomologist and the founder of Bombinate Bee Company. Together with his wife and their five children they share their beekeeping passion with others and teach the importance of keeping bees.
They have a humming business and enjoy breeding queen bees and talking bees. They also have a line of honey products that exhibit the seasonal flavours of their apiary sites in Southeast Queensland.
Bombinate Bee Company’s Pure Raw Honey is 100% REAL Australian honey. Raw honey comes straight from the beehive to bottle. Just how nature intended it!
Please contact us directly to purchase honey. We do not have a shopfront, so please make an appointment to purchase honey.
If you are interested in stocking our products in your shop please get in touch!
Phone: +61 432 883 711
Address: 43-51 Blue Pacific Road, Deception Bay QLD 4508.