Bungawarra Wines

There has been a vineyard at Bungawarra for more than 100 years. We owe much to the legacy of Angelo Barbagallo, who came to Bungawarra in the 1920s as a post-war migrant and stayed for 50 years. He began making wine from the vineyard soon after, most of it finding its way to the northern canefields and other Italian communities – to people who, unlike Australians of the time, were used to wine as part of their daily lives. He set up a very efficient winery and developed a fine reputation for his product which was continued after his retirement by new owners.

The name Bungawarra (which means “Granite Rock by Shallow Water”) was first used in 1975. Since then equipment has been modernized, new plantings of vines have been made, new buildings erected, but every day the spirit of old Angelo is remembered and honoured.

Current plantings total 5.5 hectares of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Chardonnay, Semillon and Traminer vines, and still include the Muscat vines from Angelo’s time (these are now over 80 years old). All are grown under solid sustainable agricultural practices in the belief that the best naturally-produced fruit produces the best-flavoured wine. All phases of wine-making are done on the estate, from fruit production through to bottling. This is a complete boutique winery with many awards to its credit.

Situated near Stanthorpe in the beautiful Ballandean area of Queensland’s Granite Belt, Bungawarra has three National Parks nearby and is a lovely place to visit. The wines you may taste before purchase are a bonus – they currently include both sweet and dry, whites and reds, a Port and our fabled Liqueur Muscat. Ballandean is easy to find, just 20 km south of Stanthorpe and 20 km north of the Qld/NSW border. Open 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, picnic and barbecue facilities provided. All visitors are welcome, but prior bookings for coaches and large tour-groups are required.