Cindy Poole

“I have created a diverse and unique body of work which has culminated from my desire to create glass forms inspired by the images that are constantly presented from my environment, relationships and experiences.
The glass is my canvas through which I can bring some of my thoughts and visions into a visual form that can be shared by others. I am challenged through the manipulation of both warm & cold glass techniques.
Each handcrafted jewel, object or sculpture is created from an extension of the images inherent in other artworks, a micro snapshot, maybe an entire image or a unique form taken shape from a random vision…”
Cindy’s practice is based on kiln-formed glass which involves utilising the heat harnessed from the depth of a kiln, to transform glass into an array of unique and distinctive artwork that captures her creative imagination and emerges with its own unique fingerprint. She is inspired by her surroundings and experiences which are interpreted within the realms of her medium resulting in a diverse body of work that includes public artwork that engages communities, architectural, decorative, conceptual and wearable art.