Cullen Wines

Put simply, biodynamic viticulture is a philosophy combining the maintenance of sustainable soil fertility and the recognition of the link between plant growth and the rhythms of the cosmos. It is a method of farming that treats the vineyard as a living system, which interacts with the environment to build a healthy living soil that helps to nourish the vines and general environment.

Since 1971 when the Cullen Estate was planted, chemical intervention was minimal and the family’s concern for the environment paramount.
In 1998 the change to total organic viticulture was made. Diana and Vanya went intuitively towards healing the soil by putting back what had been taken out. Organics is about soil health – drains were put in, cover crops, and composting resulted in A Grade Organic Certification in 2003 being gained by the Biological Farmers Association (BFA) of Australia.
In 2003, whilst attending a Biodynamic Conference, Vanya Cullen decided that Biodynamics would add further to the holistic and natural approach to both vineyard and winemaking. Later in 2004 the Cullen Vineyard became certified A Grade Biodynamic by the BFA of Australia and the Mangan Vineyard and Winery followed in 2008. Additionally, we have five biodynamic kitchen gardens which supply over 90% of the fruit and vegetables used in our carbon neutral Dining Room.

The Cullen winemaking approach is about connecting and working with nature to make the best quality wines we can.
Vanya Cullen celebrated her 30th year as senior winemaker in 2019 and acknowledges it has been a love affair of nature, the earth, family, friends and great wine. Cullen wine comes from the heart of the land rather than the mind of the winemaker. Our job is to be custodian to the land, to acknowledge the Wadandi people as the previous custodians with respect, and to look after the ancient Wilyabrup soils. Certified biodynamic, we add 500 preparation to our soil to create microbiologically active, intelligent soil. We harvest the grapes on auspicious planetary aspects, usually about the moon, and press them in the winery with no additions at all. This is the purest form of wine making with respect to place, on some of the oldest, most beautiful land. Wilyabrup’s Mediterranean maritime climate makes it possible to do that year in, year out, and have consistent quality grapes. Some try to tweak nature to make it perfect. Vanya knows nature is perfect already.