Derwent Distillery

Set up by us, Robbie and Emma Gilligan, on the banks of the Derwent River (timtumili minanya) in Dromedary Tasmania. Robbie hails from Glasgow, Scotland and Emma is a home grown Tasmanian. After both working in the Tasmanian distilling industry distilling, creating, selling and managing at Lark, Overeem, Redlands Distillery and Old Kempton Distillery, we decided we wanted to branch out, explore our own distilling style and join our Tasmanian family of distillers who have become such wonderful friends and mentors.
After spending many years searching for a suitable site, as luck would have it, shortly after the birth of our son on a Sunday drive we stumbled across the perfect place. It was then that we finally began our own dream of building the Derwent Distillery.
Our distillery is home to two copper pot stills. One 500L capacity still and another smaller 50L capacity still. We specially selected a very unique tall copper pot design to create light and delicate new make spirit. The line arm has been extended to a total length of 2.4m increasing copper contact and further refining the final spirit.