Drifters End Distilling Company

Drifters End Distilling Company was founded by Chris and Sam – sisters, business partners, travel partners, and best friends. We’ve always taken every opportunity to travel to other countries and cities – looking for somewhere new, somewhere different. That was, until we moved to Tasmania. For each of us, Australia is the fourth country that we’ve lived in – and it will be our final. Between the two of us, we’ve essentially lived in the four corners of the world, residing in South Africa (where we were born), Taiwan, Ireland, the United States of America (Seattle and the Napa Valley), and now Australia.

While we only arrived here in 2013, it feels like we’ve been here a lifetime. Tasmania is…home. It’s where we feel comfortable, it’s where we feel settled, it’s where we feel happy, and it feels like we’ve had to travel the world to find it. Once settled, we knew we wanted to create something of our own and after years of planning, location scouting, studying, researching, paperwork (so much paperwork) and construction, Drifters End Distilling Company opened its doors in 2022. Our different journeys have shaped us into the people we are today, and we want to create products that take you on our journey – that show you who we are and what we love.