Eat Clean Mate

A local Sunshine Coast business, we specialise in crafting fresh, unpasteurised organic tempeh, a plant-based protein source that’s as innovative as it is deliciously versatile. Our mission is clear: to provide you with wholesome, high-quality protein-rich options while championing a healthy and eco-conscious approach to food choices, both in Australia and around the globe.

Our journey starts with our signature fresh organic tempeh, lovingly fermented and stored in landfill-biodegradable food-grade bags. These bags can be tossed into the general rubbish bin, where they undergo rapid biodegradation, transforming into natural fertiliser without leaving harmful microplastics behind, thanks to an eco-friendly process that’s over 90% faster than conventional plastic bags.

By choosing our products, you not only nourish yourself with our delicious tempeh but also actively participate in preserving our planet by reducing plastic waste and supporting a sustainable future. We take your well-being seriously, adhering to stringent food safety and quality assurance procedures throughout every step of our preparation and packaging processes. This dedication ensures the highest levels of hygiene and food safety.

Operating under a home-based food business license, we are fully compliant with all FSANZ food manufacturing requirements. Plus, our commitment to sustainability extends to sourcing our legumes and grains locally within Australia, all of which are ACO Certified Organic (ACO Cert. No. 11909).

Join us on this journey to savour the unique taste and benefits of fresh, unpasteurised organic tempeh, all while contributing to a healthier and cleaner planet. Whether you’re looking for lean protein, to reduce your meat consumption, eat cleaner, or minimise your impact on the environment, tempeh provides a high-quality wholefood plant-based protein source.