Ebony Bolts

All our clothing is Bold – Size Inclusive – Customisable – Original Pattern
Designed, Printed and made in Melbourne Australia.
Ebony Bolts is on a mission to offer viable and more accessible slow fashion alternatives for the people who are often overlooked or who don’t see themselves in the current market. Don’t worry my friend because we got you, we see you and we know people just want to do better but don’t always know where to start. Everyone is welcome at Ebony Bolts.
Together, we can create a more diverse slow fashion movement and put an end to fast fashion, because someone always pays the price.
Committed to creating a business that is end to end good for everyone, and that thinks creatively to bring the best parts of tech and trade to the slow fashion movement, we are here to show the world that ethical can also be profitable and that everyone deserves access to sustainable alternatives without having to wear beige or break the bank.