Fika Faru

One of a kind Ceramics. Handmade on the Gold Coast by Emily Glover.
Fika – A Swedish word meaning Coffee Break.
Faru – The Old English word for Journey.

We are a small Handmade Ceramics business with a purpose to inspire the pursuit of Self kindness & Love through little conscious moments of Self care each day, through Fika!
Each beautiful piece is made with the intention to create an experience, to bring you back, to remind you to take a break, genuinely slow down, get back in touch with your body and recharge on a deeper level.
To Breathe deep, Sip it slow and Just be.

It doesn’t take much to do something nice for yourself each day.
Kindness spreads, and a Fika a day can make a world of difference.
…and maybe make a difference in the world.

All Fika Faru cups are born on the pottery wheel and finished by hand. This means you might find slight imperfections. Fingerprints, superficial cracks or indentations, these are all a part of their individual journey and are what makes each piece one of a kind.
Your cup is made from Stoneware clay and fired for durability and everyday use.