Flinders Island Olives

Flinders Island Olives is the only commercial grove on Flinders Island. The grove and processing facilities are fully certified organic with NASAA ( cert no 7137)
The olives are pressed on site within hours of picking to produce a magnificent organic olive oil. This organic extra virgin olive oil reflects the environmental character of the island. It is complex and peppery.
The grove was established in 2002. There are 1100 olive trees on 3.6 ha.The main varieties include Frantoio and Leccino with some Picual, Coratina, Picholine, and Barnea.
The olives are hand picked or picked with handheld picking rakes. Picking usually takes place between April and June.
The grove is tucked behind the sand dunes in Killiecrankie on the north east tip of Flinders Island.
Flinders Island, Tasmania is an island in Bass Strait, Australia. The Roaring 40’s trade winds ensure a clean and pollution free atmosphere. The robust tang in the air challenges the plant life and adds its own flavour to any of the island’s produce.