Glass by Emma Klau

Emma Klau graduated from the University of South Australia in 2007 with a Visual Arts degree specialising in hot glass. Since the early stages of her glass education, Emma’s love of large vessel blowing and her inspiration to create organic forms has been evident in her work.

She went on to work in Max Klubals studio and Hot Shop in Goodwood, hiring and assisting there until she was accepted into the associateship programm at the Jam Factory in 2011-12. Currently she has a studio at the Jam Factory in Adelaide, and has worked on commissions for the Tour Down Under and the Food and Wine Festival. Over the past two years she has exhibited in several SALA exhibitions around Adelaide, including her most recent exhibition “Inspired by Nature” in the Adelaide Hills. In 2011 Emma developed her first range of functional revolving glass ware and bowls – just the first in a series of functional tableware.

Emma’s work is inspired by the individual, the surreal, and the super real things in life. The excitement she feels when working this fantastical medium evokes the idea that glass is alive in its molten form, always moving and ever changing. This is what she hopes to capture in her work.