Gleneden Family Farm

Gleneden Family Farm is a naturally, ethically managed, small scale, mixed organic farm nestled in a small valley near Cunningham’s Gap, just 1.5hrs drive west of Brisbane. Gleneden is owned and run by our family – the Morrises – Rohan, Fiona, Eden and Jethro. We use Regenerative Farming practices and methods. All our animals are pastured, living free range outside and are moved regularly for optimal health and to reduce overgrazing. Why do we choose to manage our farm ethically? Because providing the highest quality food in a regenerative way for our community feels like the right thing to do.
Come and Explore a Family Friendly Farm
We are certified members of Naturally Farmed Granite Belt and our farm is inspected by the group yearly against the Australian Organic Standard for inputs and practices. For us, being organic, ethical, regenerative and holistic in our farming is not just a business, political or marketing decision but our way of life.
We sell direct to our customers at the farm gate or via our Community Supported Agriculture membership and our gates open daily so you can see exactly how our food is produced.