Gooburrum Grove

We are Rachael and Will Coffison, and together with our family, we inherited 500 Tahitian lime trees with the purchase of a small farming property. We quickly learned how to care for the trees and what was required to sustain fruit year round and grow produce that exceeded standard lime size and flavour. Our focus is not on one farming method. Instead, we incorporate the use of the conventional farming, permaculture and biodynamics to craft our high quality goods, made just for you, with love.

So how did we end up here? Well, as previous cafe owners, including running a successful soil testing company, we knew that there was more to life than the daily and monotonous long days that go with owning several businesses. Therefore, while abundant, our previous lifestyle became more of a daily chore than a daily joy. So we sold up and opted for a slower pace of life here in Bundaberg in 2021. And we are so happy that we did!

Birthed from what we saw as vast amounts of waste due to unused limes, we then turned trash into treasure and made our famous citrus wheels. We also want to celebrate what’s around us as we have a lot of food opportunities from local producers, and they deserve to be celebrated. So, we hope to bring you the region’s finest, mixed with our own slice of joy here at Gooburrum Grove.