Grain and Sass

Grain and Sass is a design studio based in Northcote, specialising in high quality furniture design and woodworking. We have been carefully building a collection of our own unique designs that draw inspiration from long lasting, robust styles, such as Japanese and Scandinavian furniture. Each piece is designed through an intimate knowledge of the materials, an obsession with design factors and an artistry for visual language.

Ross is a multidisciplinary designer and maker based in Northcote, Victoria. His design process connects the meaningful aspects of an object to its audience drawing from place, history, artefacts and philosophy. Timber and metal are the predominating materials used in his work.
Ross works with a contemporary design aesthetic, blending elements of Japanese and Scandinavian furniture. He thrives on the details, working to understand the nuances of how a space or object is used, and designing delightful experiences within those boundaries.