Green Valley Fingerlimes

Green Valley Agriculture is a premium grower of ‘Champagne Red’ Fingerlimes which are available all year round. Our orchard is based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland region of Beerwah. We are proud to be a sustainably managed and chemical free mixed farm. We raise Brangus beef cattle, Wiltipoll sheep, and are growers of seasonal fruits and vegetables, specialising in finger limes and ginger.

Fingerlimes are an Australian native rainforest tree that naturally occurs as an understorey tree in south-eastern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Fingerlime trees vary in habit and height. The fruits are cylindrical in shape, up to 120mm long and only about 20-30mm in diameter. The oil cells on the rind are small, giving the fruit a glossy appearance. The fruit contains juice vesicles in pearls that burst out when the rind of ripe fruit is cut.

In our orchard, Champagne Red is a consistently cropping commercial cultivar. Champagne Red has year round flushes of flowering, as well as heavy spring flowering, allowing supply through all seasons. Its superior shelf, also makes it a preferred variety for use as a fresh fruit export.

Green Valley Agriculture are professional and independent consultants based in the Sunshine Coast region, specialising in all facets of agronomy.