Happy Bee

Welcome to our little Bush land Apiary located in Yatala, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
We care for our bees without the use of chemicals in or around the Apiary and do not feed our bees, so always leave them enough honey to look after themselves during winter and times of little flowering.

Each batch of honey is collected and extracted with no heating or pasteurisation of the honey it is spun using centrifugal force then gravity filtered though mesh to remove any large pieces of wax or pollen and then bottled, making it one of the yummiest pure mixed blossom honeys.
Our honey may contain traces of pollen, bees wax and propolis and as its not commercial processed it will retain all of its natural vitamins and beneficial enzymes.

Also as it’s Raw and not commercially processed it will start to crystallise after a while, the time this takes depends on the type of nectar the bees have collected, this does not mean that your honey has gone off, its a natural process. The sugars from nectar are naturally crystalline and after a certain amount of time the sugars naturally return to their crystalline form. Honey in this state is great for spreading on toast and for cooking as its less messy.