Hobart Food Company

Our family ventured from New South Wales to the beautiful and wild-spirited shores of Tasmania over 10 years ago. Our new island home was filled with an abundance of delicious seasonal fruit, walnuts, honey and so much more … and this is where the story of Walnutter and TassieTom begins.

Nut butters have always been our family favourite and because walnuts are Tasmania’s golden nut, we decided to create our own walnut butter.
Did you know walnuts are the only nut to contain plant omegas? They are also an excellent source of antioxidants, several vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, phosphorus, vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin E. So we believe our Walnutter Natural Walnut Butter is a super food in a glass jar!
Our Walnutter Natural is a delicious and unique Tasmanian nut butter, made from premium Tasmanian walnuts from the east coast and a sprinkle of Tasmanian sea salt – there is nothing else added and nothing else like it!

TassieTom was then created because we were excited about creating products beyond the Tasmanian walnut.
TassieTom’s Smooth Peanut Butter has been noted as “The BEST Peanut Butter” made with Australian peanuts and a touch of Tassie Sea Salt in every jar.

TassieTom’s Australian Wood Smoked Almond Butter is a a truly unique taste sensation. Add to cheese boards, spread on toast, crackers, sandwiches, use in salad dressings, as an ingredient in baked goods or enjoy straight from the jar – It’s really like no other (we call it a bacon spread for vegans!)

And we didn’t just stop at nut butters, our TassieTom range includes yet another unique handcrafted product – Apple Isle Deluxe Muesli - a mix of Australian oats, almonds, Tasmanian walnuts and a selection of Tasmanian freeze dried fruits – it’s the only way to start your day. 100% Australian and handcrafted in Tasmania. Now you can taste the real fruit of Tasmania all year round.

Plus who doesn’t love chocolate? Our premium Tasmanian walnuts are now encased in melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate … the Australian wood smoked almonds are covered in the finest dark chocolate … as well as a delightful selection of chocolate coated Tasmanian freeze dried fruits. You won’t be able to stop at one!

The spirit of adventure and exceptional quality of Tasmanian ingredients is infused in everything we offer. From our family to yours, we want you to taste the best of Tasmania!

Our Walnutter and TassieTom range now stands under the banner of Hobart Food Co. which allows us to showcase the exceptional quality of Tasmanian ingredients by other artisan food makers and producers.

So do yourself a favour (like our family did) and discover the many delights of Tasmania!