Hold Fast Designs

We are a small family business and team passionate about great design, sustainability and creating furniture that has a timeless style that is enduring and can be passed down the generations. For both ethical and aesthetic reasons we choose to work with reclaimed timber which has been salvaged from demolition sites. This timber not only has unique characteristics and striking feature but it also has a story to tell of its former life.

Led by founder Drew, our team is backed by 25 years experience in carpentry and commercial construction. Tired of seeing the wasteful practices of the building industry Drew started salvaging hardwood timber from sites that was destined for landfill. He couldn’t stand seeing such valuable resources being carelessly thrown away.
Drew started making his own furniture and his passion for woodwork and design has evolved ever since. Combining this with co-founder Tanya’s love for styling and interior design what started out as a passion project and hobby has evolved into Hold Fast Designs.

In 2017 we traded in the hustle and bustle and moved to the Noosa hinterland to a former mango farm. The old fruit packing shed has been transformed and is now the workshop where all our furniture is crafted. We welcome visitors to our workshop to look at any pieces we have in production or awaiting collection. Or even if you would like to meet us to talk design and timber, get in touch to make an appointment.