How Now Dairy

HOW NOW Dairy is what happens when a music industry exec meets a third generation dairy farmer, and together they decide to challenge the globally accepted inhumane dairy industry practices and create an ethical dairy farm based on the simple premise of kindness.
And we dream of many more farms just like ours joining the HOW NOW family.
Cathy Palmer, a passionate animal right activist who had built a career in the music industry, decided to stop complaining about the problem – and become part of the solution.
The result is HOW NOW Dairy, a micro dairy farm located in Katamatite Victoria.

Five years on and Cathy Palmer continues the business on her own going from strength to strength and introducing cheese into the product list. “I can’t imagine farming any other way, the calm personalities of the cows, the happy playful calves, the beautiful shaded farm I’ve landed up on, all points toward a better direction for dairying – for all involved.”
The dairy is small, family owned, and fiercely independent. We’re proud of our commitment to a more ethical approach to dairy production.
If you too want to be part of the solution, why not join us?