Kenilworth Dairies

Kenilworth Dairies has a rich history in the dairy industry. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mary Valley and Sunshine Coast hinterland it is no wonder our products are fresh and full of passion.

The dairy industry is nothing new to fourth generation dairy farmer, John Cochrane. Originally from Kin Kin, John was taught the ‘ins and outs’ of dairying from his Father and Mother, Alan and Mavis Cochrane. For the past 93 years a Cochrane has represented Queensland dairy farmers on various dairy boards, a real testament to the family’s passion and commitment to the industry. As many farmers know, dairy farming is hard and only for the truly passionate. Over the years John watched as many of his neighbours and friends sold their properties to stay afloat.

As a result, John transformed his passion for dairy farming into something great. In 2017, John Cochrane became the new owner of the Kenilworth Cheese Factory and renamed it to Kenilworth Dairies. John envisioned Kenilworth Dairies as a way of supporting and ensuring the survival of local farmers in the region. Within weeks, Kenilworth Dairies was sourcing milk from local farms in the Mary Valley. One farm being Johns own son, Kelvin Cochrane in nearby Kandanga. Kenilworth Dairies will continue to support local farms and their families for generations to come.

The Kenilworth cheese factory originally opened in 1952, owned and operated by Kraft Cheese Company. The factory specialised in bulk cheese, until the 1990s when a handful of highly skilled cheese makers created a co-op and purchased the factory. Among these master cheesemakers was Peter ‘Poppa’ Hansen, a gentleman famous for his speciality cheese recipes. Visit our factory and you will notice testament to our historic master cheesemakers all over the factory. Despite almost 65+ years of cheese making, our passion remains the same; quality local products that support the dairy farming families of our region. Our factory is truly a piece of Queensland dairy history.

Kenilworth is nestled in the hinterland between the metropolitan hustle of the Sunshine Coast and the rolling hills of the Mary Valley. This picturesque little town is home to the Kenilworth Cheese Factory and boasts a rich history of beef and dairy agriculture. Irrigated by the mighty Mary River, it is no wonder this area of the South East Queensland is renowned for its natural beauty and fine food produce. The enjoyment of your visit to Kenilworth Dairies starts the moment you enter our stunning region. It is an easy day trip for visitors from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and a great weekend destination. Come visit us.