Lake Barrington Vineyard

At our heart we believe in working with the land, nurturing the vines and handpicking the grapes to produce some of the most pure and crisp wines Tasmania has to offer.
But it hasn’t always been this way.. as Sydney-siders, in August 2015, on holidays in Tasmania, we fell in love with West Kentish and the beautiful Lake Barrington Vineyard. We said if it snowed on our Tassie holiday, it would be a sign to move here and if by fate it snowed, so much so that it blanketed West Kentish.

One year later – house sold and voyaging on the Spirit of Tasmania – we discover Lake Barrington Vineyard is for sale, and without too much hesitation we were on our way to owning a little piece of spectacular Tasmanian beauty.
But it’s been a steep learning curve – farming, cultivating vines, juggling full time day jobs and running a business. Our first vintage was a failure, destroyed by powdery mildew, it was heart wrenching to see the grapes turn to dust on the vines, but since then we’ve built up the vineyard back to its glory days and soon will be sharing our viticulture adventures and wines with you all very soon!