Little Cedar Farm House Goat Cheese

Little Cedar is a small family business where we aspire to live a simple wholesome life on the land.
We are Moussa and Victoire. In early 2020, after much dreaming, we moved onto a 70-acre farm in North East Victoria with our two children to pursue the vision of living a simpler life on the land. The property was a blank cheque of opportunity for a dream to be brought into being. Moussa’s love for goats and Victoire’s interest in the science behind cheese making made it clear to us that our project would be raising dairy goats and handcraft their milk into unique specialty cheeses.
We are guided by the principles of
– Subsidiarity: As local as necessary.
– Stewardship: Caring for the animals and environment that are under our responsibility.
– The Common Good: Looking after that which can benefit all (eg. environmental cleanliness, healthy soil, good community, good culture).
We offer to the public:
– Seasonal goat cheese (Sep-Jun).
– Farm visits (Sep-Jun).
– Cheese tasting, Cheese platter, Cheese purchases (Tue-Sat 10am – 5pm).
– Wine/Beer available with cheese or platter purchases.
– Coffee / hot drinks / cold drinks.
– Adult or children’s farm tours, toys, playground.