Little White Goat Cheese

Preserving our precious dairy produce is our aim…so any fresh feta that i don’t sell is freeze dried !!!
Every last drop of my gorgeous goat girls milk is used and preserved.

As an Aussie female farmer- I practice humane and loving farming procedures. They are not kept in cages or locked pens…all are named and come to the dairy when they are called. These beautiful girls are part of a herd of goats that I own and run.
My cheese product is all natural , made from the milk these girls provide me. They have the run of large paddocks to roam in and browse. At night they sleep in a huge, weather protected shed. Fed twice a day and given special treats (Weetbix and carrots) they are milked once a day. When the mums have bubs on them they are free to run with each other all day.

I love the girls dearly and they in turn come running to the dairy each morning when I call their names – to give me milk for my freeze dried cheese. I use only a couple of ingredients in my fresh feta which is then freeze dried to produce this world first product – of which my girls and I are very proud.

Why Freeze Dried ??? Fresh Goat Feta is just wonderful- so tasty , creamy and can live in your fridge for a few days once opened. BUT !!!!!! Imagine if you have freeze dried goat feta in your pantry – you have a product that has an 18 month shelf life. It has a fabulous creamy taste, is full of the same nutrients as fresh feta and contains the same vitamins and minerals.

5 reasons to switch to Freeze Dried Feta:

  1. Its so easy to transport.. easy to post
  2. No chill- lives happily in your pantry for 18 months
  3. No spoilage- just reseal the bag and it keeps fresh and delicious
  4. Locked in nutrition- freeze drying locks in all the nutrients of the fresh feta.
  5. It is very rich in flavour- tastes even better than fresh !!