Loam Bio

At Loam, we are working with the world’s smallest organisms to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.
Our global innovation team consists of microbiologists, soil scientists, formulation experts, agronomists, and engineers to carry out our microbial product development platform that spans from in-silico selection to landscape-scale testing.
Our rigorous approach to development means that we are delivering robust practical products that farmers can use to increase carbon sequestration and reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions.
By harnessing the power of microbes, Loam is unlocking the opportunity to remove carbon at a gigatonne scale from the atmosphere, while increasing soil productivity in agriculture.
We partner with world-class institutes to get to the root of the solution. Come on the journey with us as we unearth the full-potential of microbes to drive global scale climate mitigation. We have worked with Western Sydney University and the University of Queensland to deliver our flagship CarbonBuilder product.
We continue to partner with the best academic institutions globally to bring new technology and products to farmers.