Lowe Family Wine Co

Lowe Family Wine Co is a reflection of David Lowe and Kim Currie’s dedication to their crafts. Made up of Lowe Wines, Zin House, The Pavilion & Althea by Zin, LFWC’s focus is on providing premium regional food, wine & experiences here in Mudgee, NSW.
On the Tinja farm, our starting point in the pursuit of quality is through the practice of organics & biodynamics. With these principles we start from the ground up, increasing soil vitality to allow produce to thrive in the natural environment without the intervention of synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. By taking this holistic approach when caring for the land and soil, not only are we creating the best products we can now, but also ensuring the health of the soil for generations to come.
David likes to joke that organics is about what you can’t do, and biodynamics is about what you must do. Together we use these practices to grow produce from strong healthy plants, in soil that supports their ongoing health, with flavours that are a direct reflection of the earth and region in which they are grown.

Tinja has now been certified organic for over 15 years. Organic certification involves auditing by a registered authority, in our case ACO (Australian Certified Organics) who ensure all stages of the farming, grape growing and winemaking comply with a strict regime.
Anything we add to the land must also be organic, particularly fertilizer. This is why we have our own large scale organic compost to use as fertiliser, and any mineral elements added are in a mined not refined form.
Organic processes also extend to the winery, where the same thing goes: no use of cleaning agents like chlorinated compounds are allowed, and no organic wine can be mixed with non-organic wine.