Maffroy’s Gold

Malfroy’s Gold and Natural Beekeeping Australia are pioneering, innovative small rural businesses delivering world class products and services with a focus on bee, environmental and community health.
We provide Wild Honey, Wild Honeycomb and Beeswax – all ethically and sustainably produced in bee-friendly Warré hives. Our methods exceed both organic and biodynamic standards and we are the only professional natural comb beekeepers in Australia.
We not only offer the highest quality honey and bee products from our hives, but also supply hand-made Warré hives and teach intensive educational courses.
We feel that our bees are happier and healthier being kept in a hive that mimics how they live in nature. Our Wild Honey has won many awards and is sought out by some of the leading chefs in Australia.
We share our specialised knowledge of natural beekeeping with the public and with our beekeeping students and are often approached by the media and the food industry to speak on the subject at food related events.
Over the past ten years we have been thrilled to host aspiring natural beekeepers from around the world and watch as they kick-start the Natural Beekeeping movement in their own countries.