Starting life as Australia’s most remote brewery at our spiritual home in Broome WA, Matso’s is now enjoyed at pubs, bars and backyards right across the country. In 2023, we decided to bring the complete Matso’s experience to the other side of the country, opening Matso’s Sunshine Coast QLD. Inspired by our original, our second home taps into the heritage of the site while bringing the unique Matso’s feel to Queensland.

Looking back, it all started in 2000, when Martin and Kim Peirson-Jones took over a Broome micro-brewery that also doubled as a café and art gallery. In 2004, the Broome Brewery underwent an upgrade to a full mash system to increase production and meet growing demand. With Martin’s son PJ (Martin Jnr) also in the business, the small family-owned café brewery quickly became famous for its beer. With demand continuing to grow, the family were kept busy hand-bottling beers and sending them to the homes of holidaymakers who couldn’t get enough of Matso’s.

Thankfully, the days of hand bottling are over, and the Matso’s range is now available in bottleshops and venues in all corners of the country. While Matso’s initially became famous for producing Australia’s first-ever alcoholic ginger beer, its range has grown over the years to include exciting new drinks and flavours. Still an Australian-owned business, three generations of family still live in Broome and are often seen at Matso’s after a hard day at work.