Melbourne Bushfood

Starting a native food brand isn’t something you’ll find most 21 year olds doing, yet 4 years later we’re here pushing awareness for these incredible ingredients, sharing their story and helping support remote Aboriginal People grow their enterprises.
We’re on a social crusade to revolutionize the way Aussie’s eat and garden. Native foods and plants require less water, less inputs, are nutritionally dense and offer an unparallel culinary experience – so why aren’t we eating them?!
We’ve partnered with Nyul Nyul Elder and Traditional Owner Bruno Dann, helping to grow his mob’s harvest and to purchase critical infrastructure needed for his remote community.
We believe that native foods give Aboriginal People the option to harness their unique cultural and land assets for economic opportunities in remote areas.
We’re on a social mission to support Traditional Custodians through direct collaboration and partnership, to provide opportunity without the need to leave their Country.
We wanted an enterprise that gave back social benefits to the producers we worked with – and that’s where the idea for Melbourne Bushfood came from.