Miellerie Honey

Miellerie Honey is a subtle marriage of Tasmanian native flowers, French tradition and biodynamic practices. It has been a family business, owned and operated by Yves Ginat, apiarist/beekeeper since he was a 14yr old boy, growing up in France. ‘Miellerie’ is French for ‘Honey House’, pronounced ‘meer-leh-ree’. We specialise in producing organic, unheated native flower honey varieties of the highest quality, maintaining the unique and natural flavours and medicinal qualities of the flowers.
Yves Ginat began beekeeping as a teenager growing up in central France, in the medieval capital, Bourges. He extended his education and studied Organic Farming at a tertiary level, followed by working for a commercial beekeeper in the same district. After travelling to Tasmania he worked for a local beekeeper in Woodbridge before eventually starting his own business, Miellerie, in 2005.
As apiarist, Yves nurtures the bee community using organic and biodynamic beekeeping practices to maintain health and harmony from the hive to the jar. His approach to the art of keeping bees is based on biodynamic principles (including essential oils and herbal remedies) to harness the vitality of the bee’s colony. The honey is extracted at room temperature and packaged at bee hive temperature, thereby maintaining the optimum natural aroma and health qualities and our characteristic crystals.