Mr and Mrs White

We make products that come from our desire to live life simply and to live it well. Our designs are modest, using materials that are natural, long lasting and that get better with age. They represent our family values of quality, honesty and simplicity.
Our furniture is designed by Mr and Mrs White and made in Australia by our team of qualified craftsmen. Timeless, functional and well made, we are devoted to the development of original design that adds value to your life and doesn’t clutter it…

Nathan and Sasha’s story is one of discovery, growth, family and love. Their journey from students to partners, parents and creators of a brand synonymous with timeless pieces and some of Australia’s most recognisable retail spaces is a celebration of the fulfilment achieved by pursuing a passion. What began as pure curiosity and creation out of necessity has developed into a furniture business, a showroom, a factory and a handful of retail spaces custom designed by Nathan and Sasha. From an apprenticeship in boat building for Nathan, and a degree in graphic design for Sasha, Mr and Mrs White the brand was born. Along the way, the couple never lost sight of what was most important to them: home.