Naught Distilling

Opening in 2021, Naught has established itself as an industry leader in gin and cocktail development.
Meticulously developed, highly awarded and approachable, Naught is a distillery with the sole purpose of creating the best gin money can buy. Focussing on balance, bold flavours, and beautiful texture, Naught’s gins are perfect in any cocktail. Our signature cocktails are curated to hero our unique gins. Distinguished, sophisticated, and charming, they will tantalise and tease your tastebuds. Designed with balance in mind you will savour every sip.

With a value towards the adoration of feminine beauty and strength, and a mission to instill freedom and creativity from within, Naught’s award-winning Australian gin is a balance between elegance and playfulness.
Wicked or classic, cheeky or refined, Naught was created with balance in mind. The distinct and smooth flavours distilled in Naught gin create the most memorable sensation on the palette.