Noosa Natural Chocolate

Take a bite and let us take you to a place where a touch of sunshine meets the freshest natural ingredients and the finest Belgian chocolate to create a truly special treat.
We want our customers to taste the difference when they enjoy our chocolate which is sourced from some of the best Swiss and Belgian chocolate producers. We take the finest ingredients sourced as locally as possible and create the most exquisite chocolate treats.

Our family-owned business was founded in Noosa in 2008 and the first few bags of chocolate were sold at local farmers markets. Since then, we have grown and expanded our operation a little further south on the Sunshine Coast.
We are proud of our Noosa heritage and to work with many local Australian producers to source fresh ingredients like our Australian strawberries, Buderim ginger and Queensland macadamias. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our chocolate which is why we have vegan options and all our chocolate is gluten-free.

Our chocolates are hand-made in Queensland using a small batch approach which means higher quality chocolate. We use whole fruits, not fruit jelly and we are proud to work with local producers whenever possible. We source our fresh ginger from Buderim Ginger, right here on the Sunshine Coast and our macadamias from local Queensland Growers.
All our chocolates make the perfect gift and are gluten free, made with the highest quality ingredients and our 72% dark chocolate is vegan friendly.
When you buy from us, you’re supporting a small family owned and run business based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.